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Infection Control

Gloves, Masks, Sterilisation Pouches, Gowns, Barrier Sleeves, Disposable Products,etc.
July 2021


Impression Trays and accessories, Saliva Ejectors, Suction Tubes, Retainer and Mouthguard boxes, Dental Demonstration Models, Composite and X-Ray Film accessories, etc.
July 2021

Rotary Instruments

Carbide and Diamond Burs, Prophy Cups, Abrasive and Polishers, Steel Burs, Surgical Burs, Handpieces, etc.
July 2021

Personal Protection and Barriers

Face masks, Face Shields, Eye Shields, Gowns, Gloves, Caps, Barrier Sleeves, etc.
May 2021


Files, Gate Drills, Spiral Fillers, Paper and G.P. Points, Endo Holders and Sponges,etc.
May 2021


Curing Lights, Ultrasonic Scalers, Handpieces, Micro-motors, Apex Locators, Compressors, Stools, etc.
May 2021

Hand Instruments

Probes, Filling Instruments, Scalers and Curettes, Elevators, Forceps, Impression Trays, Mirrors and Handles, etc.
May 2021


Bands, Brackets, Buccal Tubes, Wires and Pliers, etc.
May 2021


We are Australia’s exclusive dealer for Shofu’s range of quality dental supplies.
May 2021
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